Monday, September 26, 2005


The actor who played Maxwell Smart is dead. Don Adams was 82. He'd been sick for a couple years -- bone lymphoma was the diagnosis -- but Adams died of a lung infection that had hospitalized him on Saturday.

Real name: Donald James Yarmy. He wanted to be an engineer; joined the Marines in World War II and became a drill instructor; and was the sole survivor of his platoon at Guadalcanal.

From that rough hell, he became a comedian. He took his wife's last name as his stage surname and became Maxwell Smart for five television seasons in the 1960s.

His pals were Hugh Hefner, Don Rickles, Jimmy Caan. He hung out at the Playboy mansion. He liked to bet on the ponies. What a bad ass.

We're in constant competition with our pal Smitty over news bulletins. We've been on a roll with scoops, and thought we'd get him with Adams' death, but Smitty called first. Missed it by that much.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. I thought I'd share some MP3s in tribute to Mr. Adams:

DON ADAMS 1293-2005.