Thursday, September 01, 2005


Look, sometime today -- tomorrow at the latest -- the authorities are gonna spill and acknowledge that the death toll from Hurricane Katrina will eclipse the casualty figures from the World Trade Center attack. Everything will stop for a minute as people try to get their heads around the big figure, the one that finally confirms the worst.

You need something utterly ridiculous to take your mind off that pain.

You need to read Mark Wright.

The current lame-duck state representative -- emphasis on both "lame" and "duck" -- thinks he has a future in GOP politics. He does not seem to understand that tiny, shiny men are not very attractive.

But he does know how to fling wads of feces while claiming they're facts.

Wright's opinion column in Thursday's Springfield News-Leader is a masterpiece of flinging. It's all Clinton's fault, Wright opines. He knew about Atta and the terrorists before the attacks and did nothing. He's the one responsible for 9/11.

(Parenthetically, he's wrong on so many levels with so many lies, and in so many ways, that we want to spend many paragraphs refuting his bull. But that takes away from his hilarious hysterics. So we'll just point out one thing to Wright: Last we checked, President Bush took office in January 2001. Why didn't his administration do anything to follow up on the work done by the Clinton Administration? Guess they were already too busy planning to invade Iraq.)

So yeah, check out the rep's nonsense. Just more proof that Mark Wright is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Before Wright was a state rep, he was a baggage handler at the airport, I guess that is where he got his experience in slinging (fill in the blank).

Anonymous said...

The photo Wright uses to accompany his columns seems perfect--a very "deer in the headlights" look. How soon before Wright blames Clinton for Hurricane Katrina?

Anonymous said...

He'll probably blame Ambercrombie and Finch clothes too. The term asshat fits him to a tee.