Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Don the tin-foil hat, Stimpy, and delve into the murky world of scary weirdness. Did Joel Hinrichs III try to get into the football stadium in Norman on Saturday night? Did he have help building the bomb? Where did the explosives in his apartment originate?

What the hell is going on?

According to Channel 9 in Oklahoma City, Hinrichs -- a non-sports sorta guy -- tried to enter the stadium, only to be turned away because he had a backpack and wouldn't let it be searched.

The FBI is playing cool, saying there's "no known link" between Hinrichs and terrorist groups -- at this time. Leaves plenty of wiggle room down the road.

If Joel Hinrichs had tried to enter a football stadium in a bigger media market, would the explosion have been any louder?

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