Saturday, October 08, 2005


U.S. News & World Report has this terrifying tidbit:
Is Al Gore coming back? If allies we talked to have their way, the former veep will be the next president. "It's Gore Time," says a political strategist and fundraiser who is opening a bid to get Gore into the race. Gore friends see his recent political and business moves as proof he's preparing to run. Allies say that in speeches, Gore has found his voice to address domestic and world issues. And in raising money for his Current TV network, which targets the critical youth market, Big Al has built an issue base and donor network that's competitive with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's. Our source--a top aide in the previous Bush administration--is planning meetings with Gore's team to push an early entry while Clinton runs for re-election in New York. It doesn't end there: The Gorebots want him to pick Sen. Barack Obama, the youthful Illinois African-American, as his No. 2.
Do Democrats want to win back the White House in 2008? Talking up Gore and Obama isn't the way to do it.

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Anonymous said...

Look ... Al Gore has made some brillant speeches in the past couple of years. If he had been as serious in 2000 he would be Prez now.

Al is dead meat to us demos ... almost as dead as Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden ... and all those other pink-tutu's hanging on to the DLC.

There was only one guy in the world who could carry that plan off ... and Bill is busy writing books ...