Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sorry for the brief interruption of CHATTER service.

A couple quick things before we thumbsuck on why The New York Times has gone insane:

•In an update to our earlier report, Clarence Thomas shows off his activist-judge side by refusing to allow a woman to have an abortion. Thomas acted alone in granting a Friday night stay to a federal judge's order that a Missouri prisoner be allowed to have an abortion.

•We once again flog FeedBlitz, the lil service that allows you -- yes, you -- to have CHATTER e-mailed to your box. Comes in handy when The Man has his techies install internet filters at work so you can't browse with complete freedom. What, is The Man afraid you're looking at porn on His Dime? He's probably right to worry. Anyway, click the link over to the right -- the one that says "free subscription," 'cause it is -- and sign yourself up to get CHATTER via e-mail.

See you soon.

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