Sunday, October 02, 2005


Brandon Peterson of Fair Grove uncorks a corker of a letter to the editor in Sunday's Springfield News-Leader (#1 in Family Living Coverage).

In his missive, "Protestors aren't helping troops," Mr. Peterson uses artful nonsense to try to make a point. Here, let's deconstruct for the kids:
I attended the pro-American rally Sept. 17 on Sunshine Street as a counter rally to the Peace Networks of the Ozarks' anti-war rally.

While there, I talked with some of the anti-war people. After reading their signs and visiting with them, I just don't understand how they can claim that they are supporting the troops. I have served my country for over eight years as active duty Army, and now as a member of the Missouri National Guard. I deployed with both.

While I can't speak for everyone in the military, everyone that I have spoken with feels nothing but disdain for these people. I realize that while some of the anti-war protesters have good intentions, they are doing more harm to the troops than good.

I know the phrase "demoralizing the troops" gets thrown around a lot, but it is true. We hate seeing people protesting something that we have volunteered to do. By protesting the war, all they are doing is encouraging our enemy, prolonging the war and costing us more lives.

Every time the enemy sees that Americans are trying to bring the troops home before our job is done, they see a little bit of hope for their cause, and step up their attacks.

You don't support a sports team by protesting the sport that they play, and you don't support the troops by protesting everything that they are doing.
So much to laugh at; so many chinks in Mr. Peterson's defenses.

•By using the phrase "pro-American rally," he insinuates that anyone who didn't attend is anti-American.

•He admits his ignorance ("I just don't understand") but then proceeds to try and explain the anti-war crowd.

•He says he can't speak for "everyone in the military," but then does so, using the hyperbolic "everyone that I have spoken with agrees with me" line. Don't get out much, do you, Mr. Peterson?

•Anti-war forces are only doing one thing -- "encouraging the enemy, prolonging the war and costing us more lives." That's all they're good for, according to Mr. Peterson. Guess he must be talking to "the enemy" in Iraq to know how they're being affected by the demonstration in Springfield, Mo.

But Mr. Peterson doesn't really bark from his ass until the last paragraph. We've heard that war is hell. We had no idea that war is sport. We also had no idea that there are people willing to cheapen the sacrifices made on battlefields by comparing them to meaningless sporting events.

People like Brandon Peterson are scary, with their rah-rah mindset and blind devotion. Protest is Bad. War is Pro-American. Ignorance is Strength. Pass the Victory Cigarettes.


Anonymous said...

And there's a good chance he thinks Iraq was responsible for 9-11. God bless stupid Americans.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Daivs is an idiot. Talk about speaking out of his rectum. He claims Mr. Peterson "doesn't get out much". Oviously he gets out more then Mr. DAvis.