Friday, October 07, 2005


A Colorado television station, KKTV, is airing the report about Joel Hinrichs III, the guy who blew up outside the football stadium on the University of Oklahoma campus. More than 80,000 people were second-quarter action when Hinrichs went kaboom while sitting on a bench, about 100 yards from the stadium gates.

The bomb was powerful and reportedly made of triacetone triperoxide, TATP. Eyewitnesses say Hinrichs' legs were left behind, and not much else.

KKTV reports that the bomb was strapped to Hinrichs' back. Other media outlets have reported that Hinrichs was denied entry to the football game because he wouldn't let security check his backpack. Oklahoma University President David Boren insists the death was a suicide, nothing more; within a day, Boren said Hinrichs had emotional problems.

It didn't take long for police to release a photo of Hinrichs. This could be because police already had Hinrichs on their radar. On Thursday -- two days before the bombing -- an off-duty police noticed Hinrichs in a feed store. The National Merit Scholar was asking a store employee about various fertilizers, and how much ammonium nitrate each brand contained.

The employee refused to sell Hinrichs any fertilizer. The cop wandered outside, took down Hinrichs' license plate number and wrote up a report. Two nights later, Hinrichs was dead.

The stray pieces don't seem to mesh. Somewhere just beyond current comprehension, there must be sense.

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