Thursday, October 20, 2005


Earlier today, News-Leader columnist Michael Brothers posted his column in the comments section of an earlier blog entry. Brothers' column is now online and can be found here.

As we noted to him in an e-mail reply, he brings up several good points, and his reasonable voice cuts through the music-is-evil nonsense. We're also glad he's continuing the coverage in the News-Leader; the jam outside Traffic early Saturday morning has certainly started a conversation.

Vince Jericho, the morning talker on KSGF, is beating the drum against the City of Springfield for putting the hammer down on the club; Jericho thinks that's moving the problem, not solving it. Or so he says in his blog.

(Our own prior Traffic postings can be found here, here, here and here.)

Not talking about Traffic anymore: the police department's public information officers. An e-mail sent to reporters on Thursday said that effective noon, "all media questions pertaining to the incident that happened at Traffic and other questions regarding bars and nightclubs downtown should be forwarded to the Chief of Police Office."

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