Thursday, October 27, 2005


Bob Woodward, also known in journalism circles as The Man, is on CNN's "Larry King Live" Thursday evening, taking part in a roundtable about Harriet Miers -- and, of course, the Traitorgate scandal.

Woodward surprised everyone on the panel by saying there was a "possibility" that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald would announce on Friday that there are no true bills from the grand jury. No likely, Woodward hastened to add -- but then he expressed skepticism that the core of a real crime will be found in the investigation. People in the White House may have gossiped about Joe Wilson and his wife, the CIA employee. But Woodward said the gossip may have inadvertently devolved into unethical behavior.

A crime? Woodward said he doubted that was the case.

Newsweek's Michael Isikoff was also on the panel; he said rumors are flying through Washington about every 15 minutes. He asked Woodward about the latest tidbit -- that Woodward had a blockbuster in the works for Friday's Washington Post. Woodward said he wished that was the case. We did, too.

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