Wednesday, November 02, 2005


At CNN, the big network that couldn't, it is Black Wednesday, a day to admit that all the high-minded talk of caring about Serious News was just so much bilgewater.

Aaron Brown is gone, suddenly sent shuffling off the "Newsnight" set because he "is very much looking forward to some well-deserved time off with his family.” That bit of quote is from CNN President Jon Klein, new recipient of a guaranteed ticket to Hell.

Klein announced on Wednesday:
[O]n a nightly basis, Aaron has provided our audiences with insight into the events of the United States and the world with eloquence and the highest journalist integrity.

Besides his stellar work as an anchor, Aaron stands as an absolutely brilliant writer, evident by the thoughtful perspective he injects into every story he touches.

Personally, I will miss Aaron and his wicked sense of humor. We cannot thank Aaron enough for the skills and professionalism he brought to CNN. Given his respect throughout the industry, there is no question that he will be missed.
Now please, don't let the door smack your eloquent, brilliant ass on the way out.

For viewers who care about news, Brown was a tremendous asset to CNN. Mediaweek reports that Anderson Cooper will replace Brown in the 9 p.m. Central slot. The all-powerful Wolf Blitzer will leave "The Situation Room" at 5 p.m. Central, take an hour break in the hyperbaric chamber while Lou Dobbs busts some balls, then come back, refreshed and ready to SHOUT his way through THE NEXT HOUR with you, LIVE, in THE SITUATION ROOM. God, what we'd give to see Jack Cafferty slap Wolf around. Probably explains why Jack's never allowed in The Situation Room, and is only seen via remote from some adjoining anteroom.

Anderson Cooper -- now there's a guy who needs a Jack Cafferty smackdown. During Hurricane Wilma we beseeched God at precisely 8:23 p.m. not to allow Cooper to gain more power -- and yet God did not hear our prayer; he's apparently in the Cooper camp, too. Damn the impish man and his friends in high places.

Cooper has been getting hot buzz for being the anchor of the future (another spurt from the mouth of Jon Klein). That certainly puts Brown in sharp contrast as the anchor of the past. Thoughtful, not necessarily emotional. Urbane, not whiny. Eloquent, not wordy. All the things that made Aaron Brown so good are liabilities on today's cable networks. Who needs thoughtful when frivolous will do?


Anonymous said...

I could not possibly agree more.
This Brownie TRULY was doin' a good job.
Oh well.
What say we throw Anderson Cooper into a room with Wayne Goldsberry and see what transpires?

Anonymous said...

Poor Anderson Cooper. He's just nuts. Did anyone else see the piece he wrote on CNN's site about chewing your fingernails?

Now there's some serious jounralism. Ugh.

Sure, Anderson's attractive, comes from a good family and is likely sparkling dinner conversation. But is this guy really the "anchor of the future." Yeah, provided we're talking of "future" in five minute increments.

And I would happily wollop Wolf Blitzer myself. STOP SHOUTING ALREADY WOLF WE GET THE PICTURE.

Anonymous said...

I am just depressed. I watched aaron on a regular basis. I hope they dont end up with another hype fest on CNN. Paula's show is always hype hype hype.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to send Brown packing:

"Mr. [Jonathan] Klein [president of CNN/US] also noted that Mr. Cooper has started to turn up as a character satirized on "Saturday Night Live" on NBC, a development that he said was "a sure sign" that people were becoming more aware of him."


A. Cline