Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The California minister was at Sequoia National Park on Monday when he somehow fell 400 feet to his death at Moro Rock. From The Associated Press:
The Rev. Santos Teixeira's fall Sunday was under "uncertain circumstances," requiring the Park Service to notify the FBI of its investigation, said Alexandra Picavet, a Sequoia National Park spokeswoman.

Picavet said park investigators have yet to determine the manner of death and cautioned it was standard procedure to notify the FBI about the case, which occurred on federal land.

Teixeira, 56, fell to his death late Monday afternoon from the summit of Moro Rock, a 6,500-foot-tall granite dome. Picavet said a person believed to be a parishioner and other bystanders were in the area, adding those eyewitnesses have been interviewed.

Teixeira's family has asked the Park Service to look into the pastor's death, Picavet said. A telephone number for the family could not be located.

Teixeira, who was the pastor of Iglesia Del Nazareno church in Porterville, was ordered last August to stand trial on charges of rape and sexual assault. The allegations involve two teenage sisters who attended his church.

Prosecutors said Teixeira befriended the girls and their mother shortly after the family moved to the area from Mexico.
Handy that a parishioner happened to be in the area.


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that this "Handy parishioner" was asked by Pastor Santos Teixeira to go with him to the park. I guess he had a plan in mind. Maybe for finanaical gain, as he did for his burned home.

Anonymous said...

By going to:
www.intelius.com “Santos” for first name and “Teixeira” for the last name, it will reveal

Maribeth Rozanne Teixeira (Santo’s Wife)
Santo Teixeira
Wesley Jesse Teixeira
Arielee A Teixeira who is married to a Pete (pedro) Lara III, who is a fireman for Fresno Fire Dept. according to Arielee and her sort of hidden picture of Pete’s graduation posted at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=71035708
And, the son of Pete Lara Jr. of Strathmore, CA, an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance who is the President of Porterville school district.
Pete Lara is also the president of the Exchange club http://www.recorderonline.com/news/exchange_36904___article.html/lights_sky.html
Wesley Jesse Teixeira http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=20320082

Maribeth is Mark’s Bird sister from www.gbs.edu theology school,l where he teaches ethics and other classes. This is the same uncle ‘Mark Bird’ who was at Arielee’s Father funeral helping, as she professed. Arielee also mentioned her aunt “Becky Wohlgemuth” who has a home at Fish Camp.

"Rebekah Wohlgemuth" research at www.intelius.com revealed that she is a relative of "Dale Wohlgemuth". A Google search on “Dale Wohlgemuth reveleaved that he is part of the

See Members Present
If you read about this council, you can see that is connected to “Yosemite Park”
As well as here, where he is a Committee Member
Same county that published an article at the end of april 07, 2006 on findings on Santo’s death findings from Yosemite Park

APRIL 2006
April 7— The 33rd Jazzaffair kicked off as the High Sierra Jazz Band welcomed Corey Gemme, their new trumpet player, for his first local festival. Gemme replaced Bryan Shaw who stepped aside after six years with the host band.
Mary Scharn, assumed her new duties as Jazzaffair director. Scharn replaced Sue Mills, who served as the festival director and also as High Sierra’s manager.
Jazzaffair weather was picture perfect even though storms earlier in the week dumped more than five inches of rain in some Three Rivers locations. One reader reported that his gauge on the Mineral King Road totaled 34.76 inches of rainfall for the current season.
Local park officials announced that the NPS had concluded its investigation into the mysterious death of Santos Teixeira of Porterville. Teixeira, a Porterville pastor who was accused of sexual misconduct, was either pushed, jumped, or fell to his death from Moro Rock in November 2005. NPS investigators said there was insufficient evidence to determine what actually happened.

Unknown said...

Whole family needs to get hit over the head with 16oz of common sense. The vase failed! Train wreck indeed. Pay up fool!