Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The junior senator from Illinois is the darling of Democrats across the United States. We liked him, too, until we came across this TV Week story. Anxious to burnish his credentials for a presidential run in the next decade, Obama on Wednesday chose to pull a Tipper Gore and threatened the media with congressional action if broadcasters don't clean up their acts.

From the story:
"The amount of questionable content spilling across our screens is growing by the year," Sen. Obama said at a press conference to release a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation that says the number of sex scenes on TV has been increasing dramatically over the past several years.

"Once again, we find ourselves asking those in charge to serve the needs of a nation that has a higher calling than simply peddling indecency and materialism for profit," the senator said.

The study, which examined a representative example of broadcast and cable TV network shows, said that 70 percent of programs included some sexual content this year (with an average of five sex scenes per hour), while only 56 percent did so in 1998 (with 3.2 sex scenes per hour). Among shows that had sexual content, the study said, 14 percent this year included a reference to sexual risks or responsibilities, up from 9 percent in 1998.

But Sen. Obama said he is particularly concerned about the impact television is having on the ability of parents to instill positive values in their children. "Raising your children this way has become exceedingly difficult in a mass media culture that saturates our airwaves with a steady stream of sex, violence and materialism," he said.
Such a disappointment. If Obama finds it "exceedingly difficult" to raise children because airwaves are saturated with "sex, violence and materialism," then he should turn off the television. Encourage the kids to read more books. Teach them personal responsibility -- a favorite Obama talking point.

But threats of congressional action? Please.

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