Monday, November 07, 2005


So the other day we're watching the cables, trying to figure out if every woman on Fox is contractually required to wear gloss on her plump lips. Wondering, too, if Shep Smith has the same clause in his contract, but then we realize the answer is: of course he does.

We meant to flicker past MSNBC, land of Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough, but the finger on the remote froze when we saw Colette Cassidy and Contessa Brewer sharing the desk.

We've nattered on about Cassidy before and think she ought to do what she wants at MSNBC. Hey, it's not like there's a danger of losing millions of viewers, and she's that good -- strong with the narrative, great eyes, nice voice.

And Brewer ... well, the reason for watching her is a no-brainer.


Anonymous said...

Good Lawd, Ron.
Knock it off!
If you wanna oogle, buy a Maxim.
If you want
uh...I'm not sure where to tell you to go for that anymore...PBS I guess.

Anonymous said...

The BBC.