Thursday, November 10, 2005


Tuesday's defeat of a law tax in Greene County has emboldened naysayers seeking a state audit of the City of Springfield.

Thursday's News-Leader identifies longtime gadfly Doug Burlison as the ringleader of a confederacy that includes environmentalists, members of the police officers union and Libertarians. Unmentioned in the story was the push being given by KSGF, the right-wing talk station in Springfield.

The city contracts for annual audits, but has never been subjected to a state audit. Supporters of such a move need to gather 5,000 signatures (there is no deadline). Taxpayers would foot the bill, estimated to be at least $60,000.

What's the beef? The story cites Burlison as saying:
Concerns include Jordan Valley Park renovations, wireless Internet access downtown and pensions for city employees, Burlison said.
Oh, yeah, that wireless access in the heart of the city is a terrible waste of taxpayer money. Ditto for Jordan Valley Park. Perhaps the Gang of Gadflies would like to grumble about new sidewalks and street lights, too?

Absent any evidence of illegalities committed by city officials, we don't see the need for a state audit of the city. We also don't see any way it won't happen, given the threshold required by law. That's a shame, and a waste of $60,000.

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