Tuesday, November 15, 2005


It used to be so simple. "Conservatives" wanted small government. "Liberals" wanted it big.

But after four years of a "compassionate conservative" and his budget-busting spending, words are all screwed up. Witness Tuesday's musings from Lawrence C. Bess of Springfield, who opines in the News-Leader:
Why is the defeat of the Community Safety Initiative tax so hard for the News-Leader to accept? After promoting the tax from the front page to the op-ed section for several days preceding the election, is it impossible to believe a majority of voters disagree?

The newspaper has described the electorate of Greene County as apathetic, inept and uninformed. I think a more accurate, less insulting explanation is that most of us are conservative. Personally, I don't like big government, excessive taxation or meddling do-gooders who think they know better than the people they are trying to "help."

Why not address the conditions of low wages, rising health care and energy costs, and predatory lending that make it necessary for both parents in most families to work, just to stay afloat?
In other words, big government sucks, but low wages suck even more. Somebody better do something about it! Sounds like a job for big government.

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