Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The radio talker, arrested Monday after being indicted for killing his wife, waived extradition from Missouri to Massachusetts.

A thread about the arrest of Keown (pronounced "COW-an") continues to draw responses on the Missouri Radio forum, and includes this blow-by-blow of how the arrest went down at the KLIK studio:
James was in a break at the top of the 10 am hour when the investigators came in and cuffed him. Those there say it was just coincidence he was in a break ... because they would have taken him with the mic on if they had gotten there at any other time. On his way out the door, he passed the newsroom and hollered in to Dean Morgan, "Hey Dean, can you cover for me?"... and that was it. Apparently Dean was understandably flustered for a while before he got things up and cruising.
Understandably flustered, sure.

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This is James Keown's sister and I wanted everyone to go to my blog to tell me what they think about this since his site it down. Thanks. http://shawnaek.blogspot.com/