Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Ohio member of Congress caused quite the meltdown last week when she took to the floor and flung the word "coward" while referencing Rep. John Murtha (D-PA).

Schmidt later apologized -- for terminal ignorance, apparently. The New York Times has this eye-opener:
Several Republicans who were on the House floor said afterward that Ms. Schmidt did not appear to know she was referring to a much-decorated veteran.

"The poor lady didn't know Jack Murtha was a Marine -- she really just ran into a hornet's nest," said Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia.

Representative David Dreier of California said, "Very clearly, she did not know that Jack Murtha was a Marine."
Don't you love the innocence being radiated by Kingston and Dreier? Poor baby didn't know Murtha was a Marine.

They knew. They knew damned well, and they let Schmidt make her speech and slam a decorated veteran, only to fall back on their pitiful "we didn't know" excuse.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a thought- not a good idea to Swift Boat a 30 year Marine...geez...these Repugs are idiots....wrapped in an Illusion...