Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Steve Abrams is chairman of the Kansas State Board of Education, the body that recently decided to question reality by opening the door for "scientific criticisms of evolution." So we shouldn't expect Abrams to be reasonable. But neither did we expect him to be such a big, fat liar.

Abrams has typed a column for Education News. Some grafs to make you chuckle or retch:
Evolutionists do not want students to know about or in any way to think about scientific criticisms of evolution. Evolutionists are the ones minimizing open scientific inquiry from their explanation of the origin of life. They do not want students to know that peer reviewed journals, articles and books have scientific criticisms of evolution.

... Superintendents and local boards of education in some districts continue to promulgate pornography as “literature”, even though many parents have petitioned the local boards to remove the porn. Obviously that is a different issue than the Science Standards, but it still points out the lack of commitment on the part of administration in some districts to allow parents to control the education for their own children.
Abrams wants "intelligent design" to be considered "scientific," but until he also accepts astrology as science, he's only lying.

His claim that literature is porn tells us the guy suffers from deep repression.

Last time Kansas went bonkers with science standards, Abrams was working with a creationist who believes the Earth isn't a lick over 7,000 years young. The recently approved standards fail to mention that little thing known as the Big Bang.

Abrams would be hilarious, if he wasn't so dangerous to the future of education in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Good lord, what a tool.

Actually, scientists DO want students to know about criticisms of evolution. Robert Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould have been fighting about details of evolution for years. If a better SCIENTIFIC theory comes along, then scientists will accept it, and we'll change the books. Until then, we're not pulling out mountains of evidence and research for some mythical, no-shit-Sherlock prophecy posing as science.

Unless we live in Kansas. Jesus Christ on a corn dog.

Anonymous said...

A reminder that Gould and Ethridge came up with a new idea from the evidence they saw, punctuated equlibrium, or Punk-eek for short. This was virtually instantaneously accepted by biologists because they had the evidence. ID has not so much as one scintilla of evidence.

There are many good blogs out there on ID:

Respectful Insolence
Pooflingers Anonymous
Pandas Thumb

And many more...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention one important blog ... with lots of links ... that give an overview of current info ... http://www.ghastlyfop.com/blog/2005/11/tangled-bank-41.html