Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Stewart Jenkins, 33, may be the stupidest man alive.

Here's the proof:

A plainclothes police officer in Des Moines, Iowa, is checking license plates in an alley. Typical grunt work.

Jenkins walks up to the officer and asks, "What's up?"

The officer replies: "What's up?"

Jenkins says it again: "What's up?" To which the officer, once more, replies: "What's up?"

Jenkins is mad. "I'll show you what's up," he says, before storming into a nearby house and coming out with a pistol in his hand.

The police officer, Patrick Hickey, whips out his own gun. And a badge. Jenkins is arrested. That's when cops find he's carrying some crack. They search his house and find 15 more grams. They also learn he's wanted in Michigan for parole violation. Bond is set at $130,000.

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Anonymous said...

Cellmate to Jenkins, "I'll tell you wassup... you now my bitch.."