Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hello. Happy Wednesday. Colder than a well-digger's kneecap, as the old man used to say. Before plunging into the rest of the day, a trio of briefs for your consideration:

•A Neanderthal posing as a human writes a foolish letter to the editor, claiming secrets prisons keep America safe. You will know the mark of the anti-patriot when he tells you not to worry, the secret prisons will keep you safe.

•Our little blurb on Tuesday about a new local cable news show was met with gratifying support. We'll tell you more about "Street Talk" as soon as we get the OK from those In The Loop. But really, this is going to be a fun (and fine) show.

•This being Wednesday, The Onion has a new online issue, complete with a fine piece of Photoshopping and a killer hed: Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports

And, of course, we have Woodward in the news, sounding suspiciously like he's gone over to the dark side. So depressing.

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