Saturday, November 12, 2005


Now that she is gestating, Katie Holmes says she will no longer be an actress. The London Sun says:
A pal tells me 'Katie has decided to give up acting altogether. She's been telling friends that she and Tom [Cruise] have decided it is best that she stays at home and brings up their new baby.'

'Her decision is raising a lot of eyebrows in Hollywood. She is at the perfect age for so many screen roles and has completely closed the door on a promising career.'

Kate made her name with her brilliant role in the hit teenage series 'Dawson's Creek.' And made an impressive transition to the big screen in the recent summer blockbuster 'Batman Begins.'

Most girls would give their eye teeth to be the next Julia Roberts. But it looks like the opportunity will fall to another Hollywood starlet.
It's enough to make your body thetans tingle.

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