Thursday, December 01, 2005


Happy Thursday. We're still hanging fire on a folo to the News-Leader's dust-up with the Community Foundation; CF bossman Gary Funk is out of the office until Monday. We did have an interesting conversation with Don Wyatt, editor of the daily, and we'd love to tell you all about it -- but after reminding Wyatt of the basic rules of engagement he quickly opted to go off-the-record to vent his spleen.

Mmm ... spleen.

We can understand why Wyatt might be a tad edgy. He presided over an incredibly mediocre weekend piece about Hmong in the Ozarks -- a package that came, sources say, after Gannett corporate types swept into town and complained about a lack of diversity in the newspaper. Coincidence? You decide.


Anonymous said...

I agree...It was a VERY lame story!

Anonymous said...

Don Wyatt, is that you?

Anonymous said...

BTW, I assume Don Wyatt expects you to honor the off-the-record agreement...maybe you should honor it the same way the N-L honors embargos!

Anonymous said...

Lack of diversity? Last I checked Springfield was one of the whitest cities in the country. Should the paper (and all media) properly reflect ALL segments of a community? Yes. But diversity for diversity's sake isn't genuine.

I give the paper their credit -- from the bylines I see their staff is much more diverse than that of other Springfield media. (Don't know about the editors.)

Anonymous said...

The News Leader reminds me of when I worked at the Lebanon Daily Record in the mid 90s. One of my co-workers said "I think the only way you can get an article written about you in this paper is to be Republican and Baptist.

Jeff Boggs

Anonymous said...

On November 27, Rep Bob Dixon had an article published in the News Leader.

The turner report commented on articles published in teh joplin globe and other papers written by repubs.

The article seemed awfully familiar, sort of deja vu.

I searched the news leader for the Nov 27 article by Bob Dixon but couldn't find it.

Any one else notice the same thing about the articles?