Friday, December 16, 2005


Woman sues a masseur, claims her gave her more than a massage. She claims assault; he claims she wanted it and left a tip.

You tell us who's telling the truth. From the New York Post:
Thomas Locascio, 57, is on trial for allegedly performing oral sex on his 54-year-old accuser during her massage and inserting his fingers into her private parts.

Locascio, whose wife has stood by him through the trial, admitted performing sexual acts on the woman, a human-resources executive, at the Estee Lauder spa in a Manhasset shopping plaza.

His accuser says she went in to experience what Estée Lauder promised to be an "amazing" tension-relieving, one-hour rubdown for $90 and ended up the victim of a sex attack.

The jury weighs two pieces of key evidence to decide who's telling the truth.

One of them is a security videotape in which the alleged victim is seen handing over an envelope that is purported to contain the tip for Locascio. She says it was an empty envelope to show her disgust; he says it contained the $20 to show her gratitude. It is unclear on the tape whether she slipped a $20 bill into the envelope.

There's also a phone conversation between the woman and the masseur, which she taped at the suggestion of cops to try to get him to confess to an assault. But he remains adamant that she wanted the hanky-panky. "I remember moans and groans and twisting hips," Locascio says on the tape recording.
Twenty bucks? What a cheap-o.

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