Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Little doubt that this was the probable outcome, especially after Tuesday briefings in which company men somberly asked for a miracle. Reuters reports:
Red Cross volunteer Tamila Swigler said the body had not been identified and that rescuers had not yet located the remaining 12 miners. Officials had reported poisonous gas in the mine.

Swigler said family members gathered in the church near the mine were "breaking down" after the news was broken to them by rescuers. Rescue work was continuing in the mine, she said.

There had been no communication with the miners since they were trapped after an explosion at 6:30 a.m. on Monday at the Sago mine in central West Virginia.
About to slip down.


Anonymous said...

They've found the 12 remaining miners alive! This is amazingly good news. But there seems to have been quite a few underlying problems, with this mine and the industry as a whole that caused this incident.

The real tragedy is that we still rely on an incredibly dirty fossil fuel to power our lives, when nuclear is both safer and renewable if used properly.

You can find all my reasons for preferring nuclear, as well as commentary about the Chinese coal situation (6500 deaths per year) at Earth Sentinel where you will also find peak oil, renewable energy, and climate change news.

Anonymous said...

It appears that there has been a small glitch ... all but one of them are dead, and that one sounds like he is terminal. (Heard on the BBC about 2 AM)

I was listening to George Noorey on the old Art Bell Show about midnight and he said it was a miracle and he speculated that it was the prayers of millions that saved them. I wonder if he will now correct himself to say that it was the prayers of millions that doomed them?