Tuesday, January 17, 2006


His name is Curtis B. Sharp and he's 25 years old. From the St. Louis area, Sharp last lived at 938 N. Florence Ave. in Springfield.

Springfield police say Sharp fired into a crowd of partygoers at the Hotel 7 on Sunday. Many of the wounded aren't cooperating with cops; this has caused some people to wonder who was at the party and why it was targeted.

FYI, police are releasing only scant info on the victims. SPD spokesman Matt Brown said the department has "decided to withhold all victim information pursuant to State Sunshine Law 610.100 because detectives feel the suspect poses a credible threat to the victims if victim information is released prior to his arrest."

Here's what they will release: The victims included two black women, ages 21-24; four black men, ages 22-24; and two white women, both age 23. To the person who wondered if the party included "a glorious mosaic of the races," the answer appears to be a partial "yes."


Anonymous said...

What? A Sharp shooter is to blame?

Say it ain't so....

Anonymous said...

Anon. It hurts. Punny, but it truly hurts.