Sunday, January 22, 2006


We ended 2005 in an odd funk that lingers still. All about the tunes and the fact that too many of our mid-40s peers continue to think Pearl Jam is cool (note to peers: "Jeremy" is almost 15 years old and Ed Vedder is old before his time).

So we fire up the Shuffle and load up some tunes:
I'm So Sick


Hate Me
Blue October

Table For One
Liz Phair

Soul Meets Body
Death Cab For Cutie

Take Me Back
Story Of The Year

Paperthin Hymn

Tear You Apart
She Wants Revenge

Cash Machine

Twisted Transistor

Always Love
Nada Surf

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
We Are Scientists
And then we realize that it doesn't matter. Anberlin might have a bad-ass sound and We Are Scientists is almost as good as Motion City Soundtrack. Every teen we know is suddenly into Boston and "More Than A Feeling," the precursor to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The words of our 8th-grade science teacher, Mr. Takano, chime in our mind: For some there is no hope.


Anonymous said...

Great Nada Surf song. Check out for more great music tips...

Anonymous said...

God I'm old.
When did THAT happen?

Ron Davis said...

Old my ass. More like fine brandy. Or sublime Brando. Where the hell is Stella?

Anonymous said...

They say, they say Brandy, what a fine girl...what a gooooood wife you would be...