Friday, January 13, 2006


Oklahoma Christian University on Friday started to shy away from its announced policy of firing faculty and staff members who get divorced.

The Associated Press says school president Mike O'Neal is surprised at the outcry against his no-divorce plan. From the story:
"This university has always and will always strongly affirm the sanctity and the permanence of marriage," he said. "However, it will also be loving and compassionate to those whose marriages have not been so blessed."

The policy that was to be implemented next month gave Dr. O'Neal authority to terminate any worker who separates or divorces for reasons that don't meet "limited scriptural grounds."

The policy also would have applied to prospective workers, who might have been denied employment if they had been divorced.
Now O'Neal acknowledges that his policy "wasn't sensitive enough." Guess he realized that a woman in an abusive marriage shouldn't be fired for divorcing the creep.

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