Thursday, January 12, 2006


Angelina Jolie is pregnant, Brad Pitt's brother is talking to the local paper, so all seems right with the world. We're happy for the mom-to-be and have no desire to see her all bloated and stretched-out, but that's just us.

We are a little surprised, however, at the lack of any announcement that, you know, Pitt and Jolie are a couple. Maybe they'll get around to that press release before she pops out the puppy.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Jolie's celebrity is already quite bloated and stretched-out. On the day of the blessed child's birth, it won't surprise me if CNN adds a crawl to the bottom of the screen showing the ever-changing number of centimeters of dilation.

With a nod to Elvis Costello, I used to be disgusted, and now I'm just amused...

Anonymous said...

If it is a pillow, let's hope it's not the one that Emilie de Ravin used to play pregnant Claire in "Lost." That didn't look looked cancerous.

Anonymous said...

How about the potential names???
I mean, this thing could go ANYWHERE.

My prediction:
Girl: Zorina
Boy: Chard

Ron Davis said...

OK, Anon, here's a reach-around:

Girl: Chimay
Boy: William Robert

Anonymous said...

Or MAYBE the reporter could have ASKED Doug if his brother and "Angie" are a couple - or if they'll marry. Let's see, you have Brad Pitt's brother on the line. But instead of politely asking the marriage question (not to mention if they have a name picked out, if the baby will be an American or Cambodian citizen, etc.), you only take notes detailing what a horrible time Doug has being Brad's brother! What? Was there an editor in on this story?

Anonymous said...

Hummm ... I sense a new fetus blog in the making ... with the Hollywood phenchant for weird names may they would go for Tar Pitt if it's a boy. If it's a girl ... naw ... I won't even go there ...

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm taking offense at your "all bloated and stretched-out" comment. What exactly will get bloated? And what exactly will get stretched out?

Anonymous said...

Baby Name Game Entries:

Armand Pitt (Arm, for short)
Olive Pitt
Peach Pitt
Cherry Pitt
Harry Pitt
Barbie Q. Pitt
Piss Pot Pitt (a/k/a P3)
Pol Pot Pitt (if the kid's a holy terror)
Fourtha Jolie
Trey Jolie
Momsgotscarylips Jolie
Condoleeza Jolie

Anonymous said...

Or how about...

Bornonna Fourtha Jolie?