Monday, January 09, 2006


Yes, kids, it's time to fire up the browser and skid over to Fairvue Central, where the 2006 Weblog Awards (the infamous Bloggies) are up for grabs.

You can click here, get to there and vote for this here blog. We're gunning for Best Craft Weblog, but we'll accept nominations in any category.

You have to nominate at least three weblogs to enter a valid ballot (picky, picky). We nominated Brother Richard's Slice of Home, new Springfield resident Snarling Marmot, and the iconic blog Curbstone Critic.

Hey, it's big-time excitement, so vote now. The Weblog of the Year wins $20.06. Bitching.


Anonymous said...

Wheee! Hey, $20.06 buys lots of Taylor's hamburgers.

Thanks for the nod, you've got my nod as well.

Anonymous said...

Same here ... it's almost like being nominated for a Nobel like all the alt-meddies say they are. I also included Respectful Insolence and Pharyngula with yours.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I've read about this "I'll nominate you, you nominate me" thing somewhere before, except I think they just called it a "circle jerk."

Ron Davis said...

Anon: Wank wank!