Thursday, January 26, 2006


We've mentioned this before, albeit briefly, but wanted to update you on what should be an interesting time.

Barring nuclear war or other unexpected delays, "Street Talk," a half-hour local conversation, will debut Wednesday, Feb. 1 on Mediacom's Connections Channel (Ch. 14 in Springfield). Check local listings for details, or tune in at 6:30 p.m. The show will rebroadcast on Thursday and Sunday.

Doc Larry is the show's creator and executive producer. We'll share three grafs from the Doc about the show's premise and promise:
STREET TALK will be the region's only locally produced program focused on conversation. Real conversation, not the shouting heads on most cable news shows. We remember a time when talk shows actually featured real conversation. When interesting guests engaged in a stimulating exchange of ideas with the show's host. That's what STREET TALK will be.

STREET TALK is deliberately not your standard television public affairs program, with flacks and hacks shouting opinions at each other on whatever subject comes up. Nor will we try to ape the corporate news services by paying phony lip service to the false idols of balance and objectivity as if there were only two points of view and we are above both of them.

Instead, STREET TALK seeks to promote mutual understanding of many viewpoints. We start with the understanding that there are many points of view. We have guests acknowledge where they are coming from, and talk about what they know through research or personal experience. The discussion will be civil, but lively and smart.
The show's first guests will include Vincent Jericho, morning-drive host on KSGF, and Joe Hadsall, editor of the Nixa News-Enterprise. CHATTER's chief typist will serve as host. This should be a cool show.


Anonymous said...

Yes...sounds way cool. I'm looking forward to it!

--A. Cline

Anonymous said...

For those of us who are anti-mediacom (or don't have cable), will you provide a download of some sort?

Anonymous said...

We will podcast the audio portion of the program for the first several episodes. We hope to be able to podcast the entire program (in segments, both audio and video) in the near future. Silly things like bandwidth and storage must be dealt with before that can happen. Plus, we're not sure Ron's image will be visible on digital video.

Oh, and anyone who's been visiting my blog wondering where I've you know. Sorry. I'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...

any hints at future guests? Jericho is not exactly a rocket scientist.

Anonymous said...

How about the KWTO morning show hosts? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a waste of air time. The five minutes I watched was five wasted minutes I'll never get back. Do these people have any kind of Journalism background. Sure does not seem so. Get a clue or the next question you'll be asking is "Paper or Plastic, mam".