Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Mick Jagger sang, "You make a dead man cum," but no one watching Sunday's Super Bowl heard the well-worn phrase. ABC and the NFL decided to hit the dump button.

Tuesday, the Rolling Stones did its own dump job on the censors, calling their work "absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary." According to the Associated Press:
The football league, still nervous over the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction two years ago at the Super Bowl, has said it wanted to ensure family entertainment at the game.

"The band was aware of our plan to simply lower Mick's mike at the appropriate moments," said Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesman. "It was discussed with the group last week prior to the Super Bowl."

He declined further comment on the Stones' statement.

The band may have known about it, but that doesn't mean they liked it, spokeswoman Fran Curtis said. Jagger sang the full lyrics during his performance, she said.

In "Start Me Up," the show's editors silenced one word close to the song's end, a reference to a woman so sexy she could arouse a dead man. The lyrics for "Rough Justice" included a synonym for rooster that was removed.
Cock-blocking Mick isn't cool.

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