Saturday, March 04, 2006


The woman, a Disney employee in Orlando, Fla., told cops that four co-workers raped her.

But the story takes a twist. The Associated Press reports:
A videotape of the sexual encounter that took place early Sunday morning shows that Elizabeth Sunde, 19, agreed to participate in the sex acts with four men from France, Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Solomons said.

"There was also no point on the videotape where the defendant tells them to stop in any way, which was contradictory to her statements," the affidavit said.

Sunde is charged with filing a false police report and making false statements, Solomons said. Deputies also found marijuana on her when she was arrested Friday, he said.

Additional charges of drug possession are pending, Solomons said.

Sunde and the four men are all employees of Disney's International Program and were living at an apartment facility that Disney uses to house members of that program.
How freaking goofy.


Anonymous said...

For the record, Goofy just watched
... Duck & Mouse were brought in for questioning though.
(see mug shot)
SMOKINGGUN.COM has details
"Disney Star Runs Afoul of the Law" Duck was later arrested for unrelated charges!(my poor attempt at humor)

On the serious tip: Rape is no joking matter, not
at all. I am glad the video was finally looked at! If it has been proven false... she should face time (prison & probation) Orlando cops like most metro PD's have a lot of real events like the one she accused the French guys of.
1. She tied up valuable Orlando cop resouces (waste of tax payer money)
2. For all of the women (and sometimes even men - look up Girls Gone Wild owner's recent events)
For all the people it actually has happened to... they need police help and investigation time - wasting it on fabricated story (Sunde) -- that is simply crazy! (crazy and criminal) A stiff message needs to be sent to the public. You lie? You waste police time? You go to jail.

Anonymous said...

You know, life doesn't provide near as many laughs as it used to. But all it took was three little words to make my day today: "How freaking goofy." Thanks, Red

Anonymous said...

It's a shame they didn't keep the relationship Plutonic.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Sunde is a sexual predator.

You have a good post, but I agree the story isn't goofy.