Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Springfield police have arrested a Rountree Elementary School staffer on allegations of child molestation. According to police:
The SPD was alerted to the crime pursuant to a Children’s Division hotline tip on March 2nd, which purported the molestation took place prior to the end of the 1st semester. An initial report was taken by UOD officers, and was assigned to a Detective for follow up the same day. The Detective assigned to the case performed follow-up interviews with the victims and their families on March 3rd.

After follow-up interviews, an arrest was made of Mark Washam M/W 03/02/64 of Springfield, for First Degree Child Molestation.
The school's directory lists Washam as Rountree's physical-education teacher.


Anonymous said...

How many lives are ruined over false accusations such as this? Anyone who knows Mark Washam knows he cannot be guilty.

Anonymous said...

I was a fifth grader at the year 05-06 (last year) at Rountree Elementary School. I witnessed the sexual harassment as well as the 'good touch bad touch' film. And I know the people that were harassed. They are trustworthy people and just because they are children dosen't mean we cannot belive them. I was called down from my classroom and 'interviewed' by the police. My parents DID recieve a phone call telling them that I was being interviewed. Mark Washam was not what you would call a nice PE teacher. He would 'help' a student do a pushup and it looked kind of like he was touching her breasts and groin (this was in December). I did not think he did it on purpose at the time. Then, after Winter Vacation, a lady from some family violence center came in and showed us a tape about a good touch and a bad touch. After the tape rumors started swirling. When I got out of the audiotorium (where the tape was held) I saw 3 girls rushing to the principals office to report Washam. She didn't belive them. Soon later a girl whos name I shall not mention walked down to the principal and gave her a note telling her about Washam. Sometime after that the police were told, everyone in the Fifth Grade was interviewed and he was charged.
Peace out
Person above me- Did you witness anything? Remember Dennis Rader- Active member of Church, involved in Boy Scouts, serial killer. I'm sure his family and friends said the exact same thing.