Thursday, May 18, 2006


In Nicosia there lives -- dammit, he lives -- a raccoon with the will to survive. As Reuters notes, the animal was zapped with 11,000 volts of electricity but managed to survive:
The nocturnal mammal triggered a two-hour power outage at the town of Aradippou in southeast Cyprus after it scaled the pylon. It was eventually captured with a net and has been impounded by vets as an illegal import.

"It suffered some burns which we treated and is now recovering ... it certainly has the will to live," Charalambos Kakoyiannis of the island's veterinary department said on Thursday.

Raccoons, a native of the Americas, were introduced to Europe last century but are alien to Cyprus and authorities said the animal, whose owner was unknown, was smuggled onto the island.
Not only pesky, but an illegal alien raccoon. Where's the outrage?


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Shit fire, boys and girls. Let's build ourselves a big freaking wall round Cyprus and keep "those" kinds out of there.

Maybe we could send some of our National Guard over there to build that wall.