Saturday, May 20, 2006


The Missouri Radio forums have gotten off on a tangent involving a certain Springfield radio yakker and his Ptolemy-like belief that the world revolves around him.

The thread, putatively about radio research, devolved into a food fight poking fun at the ersatz broadcaster. A poster with the handle "Desdinova" led the poking. Said talker replied:
Desdenova (sic), you have posted something close to a death threat on another website. I HAVE requested SPD investigate.
Perhaps the voluble morning guy is referring to the comments from Desdinova on this CHATTER post. But then we would have to assume the quidnunc actually reads our little blog, and why would this be?

One thing's for sure. The boys and girls at Missouri Radio don't have to worry about the modern-day Momus darkening their virtual doorstep:
I will NEVER read this board again nor will I post again.
Thank God for small favors.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions about Mr. Jericho, and I'm hoping someone can answer them:

1) Where did he come from?

2) Why did KSGF hire him?

3) Does he really have the most listened to radio talk show in the market? and

4) Is he for real or just out for ratings?


Anonymous said...

I don't see what is cranking
VD(J)'s wine screw.

After all he has 6 or 7 Gardian Angels who can provide personal security -- didn't help Curtis Sliwa very much -- but that's the way the world turns.

Maybe the GAs are too busy applying the Clearasil to spend time following him around.

Anonymous said...

1) Where did he come from?
Germany, by way of Canada.

2) Why did KSGF hire him?
Desperation. Couldn't find anyone less intelligent and more full of himself.

3) Does he really have the most listened to radio talk show in the market?
Only among in-bred toothless morons.

4) Is he for real or just out for ratings?
He's really out for ratings, really full of himself, and actually believes the stupidity coming out his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I just visited what's-his-name's web site for the first time. Here's the message that comes up when you click on his "Journal."

You are about to leave Journal Broadcast Group's Web site and enter a Web site of an outside party. Information appearing on the following pages is supplied by outside parties not in any way affiliated with Journal Broadcast Group. Such information is information of such outside parties, does not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Journal Broadcast Group or its management, and is not information endorsed by Journal Broadcast Group. Journal Broadcast Group takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating, or correcting any such information. Under no circumstances will Journal Broadcast Group be liable for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in or from such information or data or the transmission of such information or data, or for any actions taken in reliance on such information or data or any damages arising therefrom.

Do you wish to continue?


Anonymous said...

This jericho guy (whatever his real name is) from ksgf is sort of acting like a little junior high school kid who has been teased by the big kids. Too bad his parents didn't teach him that the best way to handle the mean kids is to ignore them! Somebody should tell this guy that whining just makes things worse.

Not me, though.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy on talk radio if he can't handle dumbass comments? Is he really surprised that someone would belittle a talk radio host? He is certainly able to sling lots of verbal shots of his own on the air, guess he can dish it out but he sure can't take it.

Anonymous said...


Well that one sent me running to

But I totally agree.

Poor VD(J)... victim again ... a babushka with a microphone. A swartzer with an attitude. A quidnunc with a diary ... kinda' ....

Anonymous said...

There is a great old movie from the 50's called the Sweet Smell of Success. The main character is
a newspaper columnist name J.J. Hunsecker (played by Burt Lancaster). The Hunsecker has the
power to either make a person famous and a national hero or ruin your life. However, J.J.
Hunsecker has a problem. He has takes himself too seriously and actually believes he is a great as
people say.

In one scene he is confronted by the boyfriend of his sister. He doesn’t want his sister dating a
jazz musician so he writes in his column that the young man smokes pot. The young man tells
J.J. off with a line, “You think about yourself and about your column. To you, you are some sort
of national glory, but to me and a lot of people like me, with your slimy scandal and you phony
patriotism, Mr. Hunsecker, you’re a natural disgrace.” Later, in the film Hunsecker equates what
the young man’s statements about him with ‘wiping his feet on the flag.’ He then says that the
young man didn’t just criticize him, but ‘all of America..’ J.J. Hunsecker is alive and well in
Springburg and I think we know his name is Vincent David Jericho.

Trust me in my years in the media, I've hade enough real death threats to know what one sounds like. Desdinova the Eternal Light

Anonymous said...

Vincent did a whole 15 minute whine Monday morning on the radio about the "death threat" he received on a liberal blog. I wondered what was going on ... so I came here to CHATTER. Once again, Vincent Jericho's version of the story is vastly overstated in order to appear as a marytar for his audience. The whining on KSGF is getting out of control ...

Oh, by the way, he is from Canada and his is the top morning talk show with the only other morning talk show in Springfield close behind in 2nd place.

Anonymous said...

If Jericho is J.J. Hunsecker from Sweet Smell of Success, does that make Billy Long Lonesome Rhoads in A Face in the Crowd.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is doclarry, and why isn't he pissing a blue streak about all of these "cowardly" anonymous posts by all of us "cowardly" anonymous posters? Isn't it about time he went off again?

Anonymous said...

Just for kicks I went and read his journal. This man seems very upset about Mexicans displacing American workers, I think we should also send any Canadian-German talk show hosts back to Canada...I get along with most conservatives I know, this guy burns me up

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, he is from Canada and his is the top morning talk show with the only other morning talk show in Springfield close behind in 2nd place.

Especially with that whopping 1 share. And I like it when stuff comes out of his piehole. That way I don't ever have to wonder if he is as uneducated and ignorant as he looks.