Thursday, June 15, 2006


And here we thought Karen Loomis of Shell Knob was an original hater. Turns out she's simply a plagiarist.

As noted a couple days ago in CHATTER, Loomis wrote an especially nasty letter to the editor of the News-Leader.

Wednesday, N-L editorial boss Tony Messenger admitted that Loomis' letter was bogus:
[W]e did screw up on the Loomis letter. We were duped. Most of her letter is stolen from a chain letter making its way around the Internet. My apologies.
Such a bummer. Now we're forced by fallback to read the opinions of tired Mary Traeger of Forsyth. When is Benjamin Dover of Springfield going to start writing letters?


Anonymous said...

Idiots and biggots oh my. We can only hope ol' Ben writes in.


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of the way people have been acting with regard to the immigration issue as of late. But I am holding off on writing a letter as I don't like to argue with stupid people: they tend to drag you down to their level, only to beat you with experience.
I am stunned by the bigotry of the Ozarks lately, including the gay bashing. I particularly liked Mary Treager's history lesson today, it seems that she has wide sweeping knowledge of the entirety of human history, which she demonstrated by saying that "Over the last 5,000 years, same-sex marriage has never been applicable to the definition of marriage and no valid reason exists to change that paradigm". 5,000 years? I guess ignorance has no limits.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hunt would write letters, too, if he weren't such a pussy.

Anonymous said...

"Debate is not a waste of time[copy/paste]...Furthermore[copy/paste]...First[copy/paste]...Secondly[copy/paste]...Moreover[copy/paste]".

Save/Submit for kitty litterbox liner.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a Traeger letter over a Glenn Miller hate screed, anytime.

Not that I read Traeger's letters; they just make better space-filler than Miller's tired "white is mighty" crap.