Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Steve Koehler of the News-Leader has the scoop in a Wednesday afternoon online posting:
A county Republican Party newsletter announcing a political fund-raiser hosted by Missouri State University and Springfield R-12 school district is wrong, say those involved in the event.

The actual invitation to the July 6 reception for Charlie Denison, running for re-election as a state representative from the 135th district, lists Gov. Matt Blunt and three state senators as hosts.

MSU, Springfield R-12, Ozarks Technical Community College and the Springfield Cardinals are listed as special guests for the event. Denison said they will not pay the $50 per ticket price to attend.

"Just like the News-Leader, we make mistakes, too," Denison said.

The incumbent representative said there was a misunderstanding when he told a volunteer about the event, and the two public institutions were incorrectly listed as hosts.

"There was not reason to list them as hosts. They’re not involved," he said.

Public entities are prohibited under Missouri Ethics Code from being involved in partisan political campaigns, state officials said.
Did anyone actually read the GOP newsletter before it went out with its claim of schools sponsoring fundraisers for Republicans?


Anonymous said...

At least they are admitting they were wrong. That is a nice change of pace for politicians.

Anonymous said...

Norma Champion is listed as a host of the event for Dennison. What is she doing getting involved in a party primary when she is up for election? I bet she just angered a bunch of the Dunn supporters (Dennison's opponent). Harpool has to be smiling because these are Republican votes on the south side of town. Every one of those he gets is gravy.

Anonymous said...

But does Abnorma know she's a host? Has she been told that? Or is Harpool trying to set that agenda on this fundraising thingy?