Monday, July 10, 2006


Readers of the Sunday News-Leader noticed the extremely lengthy paid obituary in the local paper -- for Kenneth Lee Lay, aka That Guy Who Ruined Enron. A sample from the rewrite of history:
Ken's door was always open, whether it was to help with college funds for a child, to help a former Enron employee pay their mortgage; to help young entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality, or to give a second chance when he believed in a person. Ken could not say no to anyone needing help.
Who paid for the obit? And how much? The News-Leader's non-contract ad rate for the Sunday paper is more than $120 a column inch.

The obit encouraged readers to donate money to the church or synagogue of their choice.


Anonymous said...

When did Kenny-boy decide to stop "helping former employees" and decide to close his door to morality? When did he decide to shaft his employees out of their livelihoods, pensions and self-respect?

This obit is insulting, especially when you think about how much they spent to publish them and how much he ripped off.

Why did he rate a first page story on Sunday in addition to the obit?

Anonymous said...

It's because our local paper has the basic morals of a whore -- which is a little unfair to whores -- because there are some things that even they won't do for money.

Anonymous said...

That is what I wondered, who paid for it? Gee, the guy sounded like a saint.

An accompanying article seemed to indicate his ties to SWMO were weak at the most.

Anonymous said...

Who paid for it????


Lay's widow, her attorney and accountant may have had some role in placing the order and writing the check, but don't you suppose it was unwittingly paid for by the surviving souls that he managed to screw out of millions while he was alive?

Anonymous said...

You guys didn't hear about what the eulogy said at his funeral, possibly. It was pretty shocking.

Basically, Ken Lay was compared with: Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy.

I have no eff-ing idea what those people are thinking. Obviously, they were either high when they wrote that. I can only imagine how many people gasped when they heard that.

Then again, these are the same people who still think George Bush is doing a "heck of a job".

Anonymous said...

Oh, and God forbid they actually write or publish any kind of apology to all the employees who are screwed out of seeing justice carried out after being robbed of their life savings and retirement funds.

Then again, if they did, it would probably be something like: Thanks for all your money and hard work. Sorry for the inconvenience of the lawsuits.