Monday, July 17, 2006


KYTV's political blog has been flagged by the Freepers, that fun-lovin' group of conservatives. A message posted on the Missouri section of Free Republic has this comment from BoBToMatoE:
Hey guys.

Normally I dont rattle the sabers or make a special call for action. KY3, though, has created a political blog recently.

So what?

KY3 is usually balanced in its coverage. However, since hiring a new political reporter things took a sharp left turn. They are openly schilling for Democrats which could make a difference in the election.

I would ask for people to check the blog out and if you feel like it, drop an apporpriate note in the right threads.

You will need to log in using a blogger account in order to respond. The address is
Hmm ... could BoBToMatoE also be bobicus tomatocus, an especially persistent reader who enjoys posting right-wing comments?


Anonymous said...

And I s'pose the frequenters of DemocraticUnderground neeeever do this sort of thing... ;)

Not that I like FreeRepublic, as I told you one time, Ron... there's a vicious anti-libertarian streak on that board. Eh, it's still a free country... for now...

Anonymous said...

Wise you are, Libertarian Guy.

Tilt past reason both camps often do.

And wasted on the blindly partisan objective reporting is.

Rgguhhhhh (simultaneous sigh and groan)

Anonymous said...

There are 161 comments over at freeperville by BoBToMatoE. I wish I had the time to weed through all the post to see if they are one in the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is worse about the Freepers, their "kill-anyone-who-doesn't-agree-with-us" attitude or the fact they clutter up the Web with stuff they copy and paste off Free Republic. You try to look something up on Yahoo or Google and you keep getting the same old worthless post from Free Republic passed off by some Freeper as a legitimate reference material.

Anonymous said...

I had my run-ins with a Bobicus Tomatocus on Jim Newberry's campaign blog in '04. He was a Roy B. Kool-Aid drinker.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...could two tomatoes be such grammatic fools by using the same verb incorrectly?

SCHilling is a coin.
SHilling is coin or fraudulent bidding, or collusion.

Maybe it's that whole fruit/vegetable debate that's thrown him off. If you're gonna be witty and acerbic, please do it with correct grammar.

Jayne out...