Saturday, September 30, 2006


As in "stimulate." Springfield's newest magazine has been published in print and digital format, and it's worth your time.

Not because CHATTER's chief typist contributed to the first issue (though the story on bloggers isn't a bad read). STIM is worth the time because, as editor Colin Wright notes, "It's time. Seriously." Time to shake off old conventions. Time to try some new things.

Congrats to Wright and his people for making something out of nothing. Tip of the pinhead to Fat Jack for putting the mag link on his page.

Read the first issue by clicking here. The story on bloggers: And Then The Listeners Started Talking. Nice hed. Wish we'd have thought of it.


Anonymous said...

Press Rumors fly was Roy Blunt in the know? About Mark Foley e-mails

The below is on his currnt website

President George Bush

“He's a leader who knows how to raise his sights and lower his voice.”

Representative Mark Foley quoted in Roll Call 2/28/2002

“Roy Blunt will be the next Majority Whip for one reason: He knows how to work with everyone”

John Stone said...

Was Blunt the acting Majority Leader at the time? If so, wouldn't he have been informed of this? And then cooperated to cover it up?

Fine Repug family values for the fundy/crazy right in the Ozarks.

I think I will vote for the Lib.

John Stone said...

I just read the Turner Report on the money associations between Blunt and Foley.

I will state right now. Blunt knew ... and Blunt was a part of the cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura Litvan:

Please tahe a look at how every Congress person who has resigned got money from Roy BlUNT

Anonymous said...

This story has long, long legs. The Dems couldn't have planned it better themselves. Sad part is, some kids are involved. Can't be too joyful.

Anonymous said... just posted that GOP staff warned pages about Foley in 2001.

Of course Blunt knew.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56, what do you mean if the Dems didn't plan's got Howard Dean and George Soros written all over the thing.

I get so sick of the double standard. When Dems get caught in the sex scandal it's "don't pry into his private life." When it's a Republican, all are lumped into a big ball and accused as scumbags.

The Republicans might have had Foley, but your side still has Barney Frank. God, you talk about scum, that peter-puffer is the poster child for scum.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still run this site?

Anonymous said...

This is how folks like Foley get in trouble. They can't tell the difference between:

a. consensual sex between adults (of whatever gender combination) and

b. sex with children.

The first is, at least arguably, none of our damned business. The second is. You may not like whom Frank or Clinton sleep with but, so far as we know, they're all adults.

Anonymous said...


"It's vile. It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."
--Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), commenting on President Clinton, following release of the Starr Report, September 12, 1998.

Mr Missing and Exploited Children is copping a Mel Gibson plea-the booze made him do it. And the sympathy tactic-the clergy who molested him made him do it. Several have gone on record who have known Foley for a number of years saying Foley isn't an alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

Has Chatter's chief typist gone on hiatus?

"Where have you gone, Ron Davis, the Ozarks turns their weary eyes to you..."

Anonymous said...

And you just make your side look so good, don't you now, Anon 507? You're just a regular, clean-living, honest, nothing-to-hide bigot, aren't ya?

No need to lump you into a ball with anyone. No, sir. You're just a scum bag, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt could say the moon is made of cheese and the Springfield media would eat it up!

Roy needs to move to K street

Remember the truth sets you free!

Or maybe not in his case?