Saturday, September 23, 2006


Zero tolerance gone awry, and a great payoff quote in this story from Layton, Utah. The Associated Press reports:
A 15-year-old high school football player faces simple assault charges for putting a thumbtack in his glove before shaking hands and high-fiving players from a rival school, authorities said.

The student was kicked off the team following the incident, which happened Thursday after a game against Davis High School. The student's name has not been released.

"This was a young man who made a very immature decision," said Layton High School Assistant Principal Dee Burton.

Several members of the Davis team were jabbed with the tack, said Layton Police Sgt. James Petre. One chose to press charges.

Davis School District spokesman Christopher Williams said he was told salt had been poured on the Layton football field earlier this week, but "that does not justify what the student did."

He said he did not know if the field was damaged.

"There's been a rivalry between the two for years, but it doesn't justify one student to hurt another student," Williams said.

Along with criminal charges, the student could face further sanctions from the school if an administrator decides the tack was a weapon and that the incident wasn't merely a prank, school officials said.
When tacks are outlawed, only outlaws will have tacks.


Ken said...

Would this be call a tack attack?

Anonymous said...

Read my fingertips: No new tackses.