Monday, October 16, 2006


Where in hell are we, anyway? Last we glanced up it was Thursday and Freddy Fender was still alive but we really thought he'd already died, so news of his passing, while sad, was not unexpected.

We've been past our eyeballs in hockey and politics, not necessarily in that order. Sorry for the slim pickings of the past few days. Soon we will catch up on postings. And sleep. At least the former.

For now we leave you with this: As Halloween approaches and the inner egg-thrower in you yearns to be free of the yoke, keep this image in mind.


John Stone said...

If it means we get more of those great Harpool vids ... you take all the time off from bloogering you need.

Son ... you have found your calling ...

Anonymous said...

I like the vids too ... but miss Chatter.

I read a story about how taking LSD can help a person quit drinking. I was hoping Ron would investigate. Instead, I had to try it on my own. So far, the acid hasn't made me put my drink down.

But why does John Stone think Ron needs time off from boogers?

Anonymous said...

Because his little finger is getting smelly???

The Marmot usually keeps track of that sort of stuff.

The only way I can get in is as anon.


The Libertarian Guy said...

What a snoozefest. I coulda been watching South Park reruns, and gotten better political input...