Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Mark the calendar, alert the media, all that. It'll happen Friday in downtown Springfield. Colin from Stim Magazine has the lowdown:
I heard once that Springfield is one of the few larger cities in the United States that is based around a town square. I can't confirm that, but keep it in mind when you're coming to watch Benefit of a Doubt, Sweetwater Abilene (I misspelled their name on the flier...and then proceeded to copy that info to the posters...sorry guys!), Attie Beck and the Real Rhymers Camp. We've also got some speakers coming; the exact speakers won't likely be announced until the day of the event, as we're still talking to various candidates and experts on different issues that are on the upcoming ballot. Did I mention this is all free? Yeah.
The festivities kick in at 5 p.m. Politicians will be there, or so we hear. Be like a Bob Barker contestant and come on down.

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