Wednesday, October 04, 2006

R.W. APPLE, 71

Johnny Apple is dead, and in fitting fashion, The New York Times has a great obit:
With his Dickensian byline, Churchillian brio and Falstaffian appetites, Mr. Apple, who was known as Johnny, was a singular presence at The Times almost from the moment he joined the metropolitan staff in 1963. He remained a colorful figure as new generations of journalists around him grew more pallid, and his encyclopedic knowledge, grace of expression — and above all his expense account — were the envy of his competitors, imitators and peers.

Mr. Apple enjoyed a career like no other in the modern era of The Times. He was the paper’s bureau chief in Albany, Lagos, Nairobi, Saigon, Moscow, London and Washington. He covered 10 presidential elections and more than 20 national nominating conventions. He led The Times’s coverage of the Vietnam war for two and a half years in the 1960’s and of the Persian Gulf war a generation later and he chronicled the Iranian revolution in between.
We should all be so lucky to be remembered so vividly. RIP, Johnny Apple.


Anonymous said...

God rest his soul.

And speaking of dead, let's talk about the Democratic Party. Let's talk about all those "talking-points" morons who have paraded themselves before the TV cameras calling for Dennis Hastert's resignation, a full-blown investigation all over the AOL Instant Messages from Congressman Foley to underage pages.

Seems like it's all been a fake. According to THE DRUDGE REPORT, the IM's were faked as a prank, they wound up in the hands of Democrat operatives who then let it loose to the world.

Faked? Oh, if this is true, the left just slit its throat. And I hope this turns out to be true because then, once and for all your side will be seen for the worthless party that it is.

Maybe your October surprise turns out to be Rathergate part II.

By the way, did your $90,000 in the freezer Congressman ever resign?

Anonymous said...

Mark Foley had more pages than the collected works of Tolstoy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 219: You do know, of course that the information was leaked to ABC news by a lifelong Republican staffer on a Republican congressman's payroll, who couldn't stand the cover-up any more, don't you?

And you also know that not a single democrat has been implicated, or even knew about the IMs and emails, up to and indluding the democrat who was co-chair of the supervision of House pages, don't you?

And you do know, don't you, at the time Hastert was informed of the problem, and decided that he would go the cover-up route, that Roy Blunt was the acting Majority Leader? Who by denying knowledge of the affair, which, no one is buying considering his position, would benefit greatly from a scandle involving Hastert?

He might be even able to pass another tobacco lobby bill in the middle of the night like the last time.

Quit listening to Rush ... even a slime like VD(J) says the repugs have stink all over their house.

What a fine group of human beings the House Repugs are.

Anonymous said...

John Stone, first of all, the emails you refer to were not of a graphic sexual nature, even Brian Ross of ABC admits that. The FBI had said that the emails did not warrant an investigation. However, the nails in the coffin came from the AOL Instant Messages that were given to ABC News.

Now, if these IM's turn out to be fake, then the entire case for Hastert's resignation becomes a moot point and the people behind the "scandal" should be made to face the music. And ABC should apologize to the nation. Not only to Hastert, but the country.

I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a Conservative, but I don't like Hastert. I think he's been a weak Speaker, but if the guy has committed no crime, there's no need to "Trent Lott" him.

But, you have to look at it as if you were a juror. There is now an element of reasonable doubt.
Don't be blinded to the facts over your deep hate for Blunt and Hastert.

Anonymous said...

Reasonable doubt my ass. This has been going on for years and the House leadership has covered it up all this time.

I would hope that anyone with the intelligence to turn on a computer would condemn anyone and everyone connected with this form of exploitation of kids ... since you wish to spin it away .. I suggest you try a better line than ... we wus robbed by Bill/Hillarly/Monica/lib'ruls/media and so on and stand up like a worm and admit responsibility and take your punishment like the slug you are.

And BTW ... no one has ever seen Foley take a drink. It was hard for a guy his age to get it up for boys after he had booze.

Geeeezzzzeee... how much lower than your comment can family value repugs go and still reach the roll of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

The Drudge Report is probably the least credible source on the Internet. Anyone who throw out a blame the victims type of defense like Drudge did is the one who should be making apologies.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, your comments and your language are disgusting. I've been asked many times not to use words like that.

I guess if you are a liberal you can curse like a teamster, but if you're a conservative you can't.

One more shining example of the double-standard
supported by the left.

And anon 6:07. Know your facts. Drudge simply provides links to the stories themselves, just like this blog does. Is this blog then the second least credible source on the internet?

Ron Davis said...

Anon 1109:

Now that we all know you're the former Newt, let's get this straight. You've been asked not to stoop to name-calling, and the profanity you've used in comments here was certainly more crude that Stone's. If you consider the word "ass" a "disgusting ... curse," then I suggest you leave this blog and don't come back. Your comments regarding Foley are indicative of someone in deep denial. You do know that Foley resigned, yes? Why would he resign if this entire flap is fake, as you assert?

Stay if you must. Leave if you want. Or better yet, get your own blog and quit being a squatter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean when you say I'm the former Newt.

Why don't you talk to these other people this way?

Yes, this is your blog. You're right. But, just as you have the right to start a blog, do I not have the right to express my thoughts, too?

As far as Foley is concerned, I don't assert that the entire flap is fake. What I said was that the AOL Instant Messages were part of a prank that reportedly, got out of control. I do not support Foley any more than you do. What I don't like is the way all the Republicans in Congress are demonized as if they were all "Foleys."

But, you know what, it wouldn't matter what was said on this blog. Anything I say is met with name calling, hate-filled speech and curse words. The only decent exchanges on here are between liberals.

So long all you Bischeros.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:09

Drudge does more than provide links to stories, he also has a radio show where he made the following quote:

DRUDGE: And if anything, these kids are less innocent, these 16- and 17-year-old beasts. And I've seen what they're doing on YouTube, and I've seen what they're doing all over the Internet. Oh yeah. And you just have to tune into any part of their pop culture. You're not going to tell me these are innocent babies. Have you read the transcripts that ABC posted going into the weekend of these instant messages, back and forth? The kids are egging the congressman on! The kids are trying to get this out of him. We haven't got the whole story on this.

So, in addition to what I said above about Drudge being the least credible source on the Internet, I'll also add that he is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Now that the tools are available perhaps Andy will run a "text analysis" between the figster and the Anon 338 who claims not to be same ...

The day of anonymous posting is over.

Anonymous said...

The days of anonymous posting may be over, but consider this. A Florida jury just awarded a woman in that state 11.3 million in a defamation suit over comments posted on a blog.

Makes you wonder.