Sunday, November 05, 2006


No time and all the time in the world left before Tuesday's election. We chatted/debated with a Nancy Hagan door-knocker on Saturday. Her counterparts in both major parties were doing likewise all weekend. Lit drops. Phone banks. Official work.

The mailbox is full of literature. Republicans have a clear money advantage; how else to explain the six lit cards we've received from the Missouri Republican Party? Every piece claimed Democrats would raise taxes and go nutballs on spending.

(The funniest GOP card said taxes and spending are out of control. Pardon us, but who's running the government these days? When one party rules the house, senate and executive on both the state and national level, that party owns the cake.)

An automated phone call comes from John Ashcroft, who insists Jim Talent is the pro-life candidate. Glad to hear the former Missouri governor and U.S. attorney general is adjusting to life as a telemarketer.

Official busywork leading to Monday, when the calls and cards will increase. Expect amplified cussing and cordless phone destruction in some households.

But plenty of unofficial tasks are being done on behalf of candidates for public office.

Granny Geek confirms that Hagan, a candidate for state representative, has hired private security because of "disturbing" phone calls.

•Someone ran over the signs in our yard for Doug Harpool and Dave Coonrod.

•Others report having signs stolen or uprooted from their yards.

No one can, or should, be surprised by the hoodlums. Punks like them are a dime a dozen. And that's suggested retail.


Anonymous said...

I received 5 mailers from Damn Scott on Saturday. Nice to see him spend his money on someone who will NEVER vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that mailing lists aren't based on IQ numbers versus street numbers.

Unknown said...

The stealing and destruction of signs is outrageous. The threats to people are morally offensive. This is not the way to make friends and influence people and it will not help change people's minds. I hope all of the hoodlums are rounded up and made to pay restitution. It has gotten very ugly.

Larry Burkum said...

So where is the Task Force on Gangs and Violence during all this? Should we expect Darrell Moore to impanel a grand jury and bring indictments?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating that it has become so ugly that vandalism is rampant. I find it repugnant that Nancy Hagan has to hire security because some people are so small minded they have to resort to threats. Do they not realize that's the first sign of losing a battle, resorting to violence and threats? Your arguments are so weak you feel you must beat your opponent into submission with violence? How very sad.

Anonymous said...

Over Halloween, someone stole my Spongebob Squarepants inflatable from my yard. Perhaps the theives thought he was a viable candidate.

Anonymous said...

If they stole Spongebob Squarepants, its because he's obnoxious and irritating. Then again, maybe they just did him in with a hatpin.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled. Spongebob Squarepants was kidnapped by Focus on the Family and is currently being waterboarded to make him confess to secretly promoting a gay agenda to children.

Anonymous said...

I thought Spongebob Jones was the Rev Teddi's squeeze and supplier of party favors.

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who threatens a candidate*, of ANY party, is a despicable cretin**.

* Except for inbred racist goobers.

** See above.

Anonymous said...

we had signs stolen. at least this year it is not a planned theivery sponsored by a radio station like it was a few years back. We lost several hundred $$ worth of signs. Remember that one?