Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thousands of mallard ducks, dead. Authorities don't think it's bird flu -- they're leaning to a bacterial infection -- but according to Reuters, the Department of Homeland Security has been brought in to investigate:
"We think the possibility of avian flu is very remote but we're not ruling anything out at this point in time," said Dave Parish, regional supervisor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. "We want to make sure all the bases are covered."

Wildlife officials are calling the massive die-off alarming, with the number of dead mallards rising from 1,000 on Tuesday to more than 2,000 by Wednesday afternoon. "We've never seen anything like this -- ever," Parrish said.

A hunter alerted state conservation officials after finding a handful of dead ducks along a creek near Burley, about 150 miles southeast of Boise, on Friday.

By Wednesday, dead and dying birds clogged sections of the stream and littered its banks. Officials have posted signs warning hunters and others not to touch or eat the birds until a cause of death has been identified.
Duck for dinner? Thanks, but no.

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...roseykrh said...

I almost blogged this story in the wee hours of Thursday morning, but talked myself out of it. Now I see that I could have beaten you out the gate. Darn it! :-)