Friday, December 15, 2006


We're not offended, but the social conservatives won't be happy with their darling governor.

An earlier post showed that Blunt, the governor of Missouri, sent a memo to department heads, letting them know that even though the unnamed, evil "they" wanted to ban all utterances of Christmas, the governor stood firm in his belief that no one should be punished for saying "Merry Christmas."

Friday, we happen to receive a Christmas card from the governor (clearly a case of the wrong address). The cover photo is the First Couple, with their son standing in a sleigh. No Christmas tree.

The sentiment inside:
Psalm 8:1
O Lord, Our Lord,
How Majestic is Your Name in all the Earth!
Best wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season.
The Blunts
Matt, Melanie and William Branch
A joyous holiday season? Sounds like "they" have gotten to Matt Blunt.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... reminds me of last year's White House Christmas Cards.

Anonymous said...

Working for the Blunt administration has got to be like a MAD TV episode take-out. SOMEONE need to roast Shorty.

Branson Missouri said...

Can we please see a copy of the Christmas Card?