Wednesday, February 07, 2007


We're out of state and couldn't make Tuesday's inaugural Blogaroni Awards. Larry @ Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind has the complete list of winners, reprinted here:
1) Special Event Coverage- KY3 Political Notebook

2) Comical Blog of the Year - The Holy Grail Press

3) News Blog of the Year - Branson Missouri

4) Entertainment Blog of the Year - Dad's On a Rant Again ("Lost" posts)

5) Photography Blog of the Year - Zach Is Here

6) Rookie Blog of the Year - Fat Jack's Erratic Rants

7) Most Improved Blog of the Year - Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind

8) Resource Blog of the Year - Springfield MO Soccer

9) Post of the Year - Hey kids we're going to Wally World! - Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind

10) Blog of the Year - CHATTER
Congratulations to all the winners. Tip of the pinhead to Larry L. for spearheading the Blogaronis. And thanks to all who voted for CHATTER.


Anonymous said...

Good job bro. Excellant blog, keeps me up to date with all the news that is worthy
Big Bro Robert

Anonymous said...

Good award, dumb name.

Anonymous said...

What made the Wally World post so great? I read it, what gives?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, it means just about as much as the results of the News-Leader's annual masturbatory "Best Of" readers' poll, which has been vilified (appropriately so) in this very blog.

Anonymous said...

Red! Where are ya? Anna Nicole Smith is dead!!??!!