Thursday, February 15, 2007


Shelia Wright, the Springfield City Council member, lives on historic Walnut Street,just east of National Avenue. Nice digs. Nice fence, too -- but a low one, made of wrought iron and easily compromised by a big enough dog.

Wright owns big dogs, including a malamute named Zeke. That dog apparently escaped from Wright's yard on Wednesday and menaced a neighbor and his small dog. It's not the first time Wright and her dogs have been in the news.

But this report in the News-Leader makes it clear that Wright's problem isn't her dogs, or the iron fence, or even neighbors who dislike her. Her problem is her mouth -- specifically, her inability to keep it closed. When asked by the newspaper reporter about Zeke's escape, Wright did not immediately take the blame or say she was sorry. Instead she replied:
"We think someone came by in the night and let our dog out. Our gate was open this morning when we got up ... I don't know how it happened. Maybe someone took the collar off and put it back on him."
We do not doubt that Shelia Wright cares for her city; service on City Council is without pay and with plenty of headaches. Wright can do one more thing to show her love for Springfield. She can resign from City Council. And she might want to think about a taller fence. Or smaller dogs.


Anonymous said...

So facinating, so bizarre.

Anonymous said...

But without Shelia, who would reporters go to when they need an off-the-cuff, uninformed opinion about a breaking issue? The other councilmembers insist on "doing their research" and "understanding the issue" before opening their mouths. Think about the journos facing deadline, Ron.

Anonymous said...

"who would reporters go to when they need an off-the-cuff, uninformed opinion about a breaking issue? "

How about VDJ.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to lather up Wright with a couple of fresh, bloody pounds of ground chuck, and then heave her bloated body over a good old fashioned concertina-wire fence into a junkyard guarded by a Rottweiler that hasn't been fed for three days. Perhaps that would change her perspective on this whole issue of responsible pet ownership.

Anonymous said...

It's fairly obvious to all here that Mrs. Wright needs to better control her dogs, and her mouth. But Anon 1:48, you are really out of line.
The real outrage here should be that the system for prosecuting this crime is broken. I'd like to see a report, Mr. Johnson, about how many other documented vicious dog complaints have gone unprosecuted due to no-shows. This case is a real shame, especially while Springfield Municipal Court oversight is already under such scrutiny!

Anonymous said...

Who elected you arbiter of what's "really out of line," anon 2:06? Was it the same person who stole your sense of humor? Was it Steven Reed?

Very well, let me clean up my post. Perhaps I should have written that some thoughtful, caring individual should present the Honorable Ms. Wright with some tasteful and informative literature about responsible pet ownership, and gently suggest that she contemplate throwing a tea party summit for any neighbors and/or neighboring animals who allege to have been bitten or even scared by her sweet, innocent little pooch, so that everyone can discuss these issues in a non-threatening venue, after which all participants could hug each other and sing Kumbaya in perfect harmony.

There. Much better. Far less offensive. And 100-percent ground chuck-free.

Anonymous said...

2:20, the meat lathered bloated body bit was just too much for me. This dog story is delightful enough on it's own. But I do love a Tea Party summit, where guests nibble on Daschund-shaped sugar cookies? Or perhaps we could form up a blue-ribbon vicious dog ordinance advisory board review committee, to get to the bottom of this mess?

Anonymous said...

Don't we have one already?

This is so perfect. You could nt ask for a better response than
"Maybe someone took the collar off and put it back on him."
Almost as good as
"I guess someone put those drugs in my pocket officer"

Anonymous said...

Someone should pony up $10 and enter Shelia's pet puppy-eater in the News-Leader's Pet Idol contest.

Name: Zeke "Get in ma belly" Wright
Record: 7-0
Hobbies: Eating other dogs, jumping fences, eating other dogs, recreational self-electrocution, eating other dogs...
Talent: Using mutant opposable thumbs to remove and replace own collar.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. At the next Artsfest, slather Shelia with bacon grease, give her a head start. Then release Zeke, collar optional, and she how far she can get before she experiences the wrath of a hungry, cojo-like dog.

Winner gets the council seat.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dog shit. Wright is what's wrong here.

I hope saying that doesn't mean I'm out of line.

Anonymous said...

I thought Anna Nicole was the one with the meat lathered bloated body. How wrong I was.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a dog does Rushefsky have?
Or, for that matter, what kind of dog does Bloggus Interruptus (the write-in Zone 2 candidate) have?

Anonymous said...


Mayoral candidate Steven Lloyd Reed breaks silence regarding his 10 year affair with Anna Nicole Smith.

Steven Lloyd Reed, candidate for mayor of Springfield, announced today that he and Anna Nicole Smith had carried on a ten year affair and that Reed "may" be the father of Smith's five month old daughter.

"I realize the how this might appear, being in the middle of a campaign and all," Reed said today while holding to the veracity of his claim.

Reed further stated one of the first things he would do as mayor would be to begin work on an Anna Nicole Smith museum which would be located near Bass Pro's Wonders of Wildlife.

"I feel it's the next best thing to Technology Park," said Reed.

Anonymous said...


Anna---Really liked the 15 to 20 years of community service that Reed gave to the area.

By the way who ever wrote 5:31 please call me when you have time or if you know how to dial a phone.


Anonymous said...

There was another (formerly) elected official, from Springfield, with the same last name that had issues with their pets running loose.

Anonymous said...

The dog thing is just one of many things, if I do recall, troubling about Mrs.Wright.

Remember when she was scaring the heck out of some lady at her husband's place of business (he is (was?)a practicing gynecologist) by following her to and from work, making weird phone calls to her, among other things? From all accounts, her ratings are way down and I really don't think she will make it on the council again. I truly can't believe she has lasted as long as she has. Yet, she does provide entertainment to the most dry, boring lengthy meetings with her inane statements.

And wasn't she one of the biggest proponents of the viscious dog ordinace? My memory is fuzzy--someone out there can probably remember all of the details....

Is it too late for someone else to get on the ballot?

Anonymous said...

Long live Chatter! Or at the very least those who leave comments!

Anonymous said...


By the way when you were on radio and many other times I stood up for you as a good person.

Steven Reed spent over $10,000 on the Statewide Draft Claire for Governor campaign started in 2002 and we are glad we helped "move her" along!


The News-Leader said Steven Reed who ran against Mrs. Wright was a weak candidate. The News-Leader ran an unheard of endorsement of Mrs. Wright on election day---they have had a 15 year policy of never running endorsements on election day!. Reed only lost by 50 votes.

Looks like the News-Leader has a lot of egg on their face!


Public Notice: and Announcement

Steven Reed declared a Declaration of Candidacy at 4:21 on February 7, 2007 for MAYOR OF SPRINGFIELD.

The issues remain about the same as his race for Zone 2 City Council of which was lost by 50 votes to Shelia Wright who has been on the City Council for 12 years. In addition the City should have had the Alice Pittman School and any others that were up and running the whole time---open to SENIORS. Why was the Mayor talking every day at the Emergency Management News Conferences about tree limbs being removed---while people were still in the cold and out of food. On the average of a $1,000 loss by each family times the 150,000 people in Springfield comes to 150 Million lost by the people and still all we are worried about is paying FEMA 22 Million to haul off a few limbs!

If we had a plan for this kind of Ice Storm then I would hate to see what kind of plan we have for a terrorist attack. People can learn more by going to

People can contribute up to $50 and checks are being accepted made out to:

Reed for Mayor
1441 S. Estate Avenue
Springfield, MO 65804
Modern Times CD of the Year

Anonymous said...

This guy still doesn't know how FEMA works. Not that they do themselves or anyone in the State of MO.

I have a question for the (w)right honorable candidate, herto now known as -bloggus interuptis.

Did you really spend 10K to draft Claire McKaskel?

If so you don't have my vote. If you can't manage your money, you sure can't handle mine.

But you didn't have my vote anyway so I guess, no harm done.

Anonymous said...

Ice storm is old news, Steven. What we really want to know is, a) do you have a dog, and b) is it vicious, and c) if not, what other hilariously redeeming qualities can you offer to the city council? My vote will be based on sheer entertainment value alone, and therefore goes to Shelia- unless you can convince me otherwise, B.I.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough to think of Mr./Dr. Wright as a gyno. Yuck! But why must we continue to visualize Mrs. Wright s/lathered in meat products?