Friday, February 16, 2007


Georgie Audean Buoy of Oregon was 82 when she had sex with an 11-year-old boy. It happened in the summer of 2004.

Now 84, Buoy is going to prison for three years. She pleaded guilty on Thursday to attempted sex abuse.

Buoy used to take in foster kids for short stays as part of her work for a non-profit group, Next Door Inc. That's how she met the kid. From the Oregonian story:
In the summer of 2004, she took in the 11-year-old boy for three months. She told detectives that she heard the boy had been abandoned as a baby. When she baked him a birthday cake, the boy said no one had ever made him a cake for his birthday. Buoy described the boy as very mature, saying he seemed more like 15 or 16.

At the time, Buoy was living alone with her husband of nearly 45 years. Elmer "Ed" Buoy, a World War II veteran, had health problems that required him to be on supplemental oxygen for the previous decade.

Buoy said her husband slept in a different bedroom and she acknowledged that she was lonely.

After her husband turned in, she and the boy would stay up late watching TV in her sewing room.

Buoy said hugs led to kisses and eventually to sexual contact when he would crawl into her bed.

During an interview with detectives from the Wasco County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Police, Buoy confessed to one encounter of sexual intercourse.
The boy told a counselor. He'll probably need one for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

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admin said...

Of course he acted older than he was. He was parentified. In order to survive he had to be older than he was. That doesn't mean he was ready for sex. Parents abandoned him and foster grandmother abused him. Wonder if his state will offer him therapy or not. Good thing he doesn't live in MO.